Daddy Reymond’s Children Story.

My Dream of Writing a Children’s Book for Children of all ages

Children’s Story for Mother’s Day Celebration kids will shortly enjoy and learned from.

My name’s Ryan. I’m a father of three small kids. The oldest is seven. The youngest is three. I love kids. But my wife said enough. She don’t want to look like the elder sister of her college classmates whenever they go out together. My college chums don’t have that kind of problem. All they pray is that their wives won’t know what they’re up to. My college chums believed that to strengthen your marriage, you need variety. Of course, you should always remember where home is. Adventure is okay, as long as nobody gets hurt, and you don’t lost sight of what is important in life.

I don’t agree with my college best friends in this, although I went with them one time, and the experience I might say, if I continue doing it will surely result in the break-up of my family. I didn’t know there are so many homewrecker available to wreck my home.

Make no mistake, I love my wife. I don’t want to do anything to wreck it. But as Oscar Wilde said: the best way to deal with temptation is to succumb to it.

I’m not like some of my best friends who have hang-ups about the woman they married, and the former women they have relationship with. Like would my life be different – for the better – if I had married someone else. I don’t have that hang-up. The first time I saw my wife – all shy and vulnerable in her beige sweeter that encourages impure thoughts, rather than hide certain part of her anatomy – in our comparative literature class, I have already decided that she is it. She is the girl I will bring home to meet my mother someday. And have never regretted my decision. Even now, after twelve years of marriage, I still love my wife, the way I love her the first time we met.

What my greatest hang-up is, is that I wanted to write children’s book ever since I can remember. Which is why I took up Comparative Lit in college. But I never got do what I always wanted to do. Because life happened. I had to find real work to put food on the table and be able to spend for my children, and provide them with a better future.

The other thing that I like to do is tucked my kids to sleep, after I read them children’s stories or fairy tales. Sometimes, if my kids wanted a new children’s story they haven’t heard before I had to tell them a children’s story which I intended to include in my children’s book. If not, I have to read all recent reviews from the publisher of new and modern children’s book for a bedtime story for my kids.

My wife, of course after I have done my nightly and regular husband’s duty and obligation, would encourage me to finally write down all my stories to publish a children’s book that I have been planning for a very long time. She even volunteer to encode it all in the computer. This is always the topic we discuss after I have succeeded in putting a smile on my wife’s lips. But while I always wanted to write my own children’s book I’m scared. What if I’m not good enough? What if I don’t really have the talent to do what I wanted to do for a very long time since I was a kid? What, If I’m doomed to fail? What if I already did published a children’s book and it don’t sell?

My loving wife always had an answer to all these insecurities that I’m feeling. She will always say: lover of mine, did you not read all the recent reviews of the publishers of children’s books? And do you think, your stories are not as good as theirs. You have the passion – I have felt it tonight as well as all the nights when you demand your husband’s nightly rights from me – in everything you do. And I see it, too, in the way you write your stories. It has always been your ambition. How do you know you’re not good enough if you don’t try? That’s what you told me, when I said I was scared and unsure of you being the right guy for me. What did you say to me then? You said I will never know unless I try. And the worst thing that could happen to us, you said was, that you will love me too much that it hurts. Well, lover of mine, why don’t you try it? To know if you have what it takes to be a writer of children’s books? And if for some unforeseen reason, an act of God, it won’t work, at least you tried. And you will kept on trying until you succeed. The qualities you have as a man will make sure that you will also succeed in this endeavor, the way you have been successful so far being a father and a husband.

Hearing this, I really swore that I won’t go out with my best friends in college, again, and spend our regular Saturday nights out with the boys with all the available tempting and desirable homewreckers that we go out with. Although, Marjorie, is a real test of my resolve and discipline. She is like a bad habit. So hard to break.

A college friend – a sure and certified homewrecker – of my wife who works for a self-publishing company suggested that I self-publish my book and personally volunteered to handle my account as a favor to my wife. Which means that we will be spending a lot of time together alone, designing book covers, doing lay-outs and editing, etc.

Reminding me of my former thesis adviser in college. When we ask him what his regular schedule is: he said, I write, I teach, I read, I edit. How about on your day-off? Oh, I read, I write, I edit, but mostly I edit. How about if you just want to relax? Oh, I read and I edit. But mostly I edit. Then, all of a sudden he said: Oh? Where’s my manners? You guys wanted something to drink? Then he yelled, Edith, come here please and a stately and young homewrecker came down, which in any civilized countries would make you liable for statutory rape. I don’t want to lie to my wife that I’m late in going home each night because we’re doing some editing with her homewrecker college classmate. But I will definitely self-publish my children’s book in the coming days.

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