Henry Ford Farmer’s Son Who Pioneered Mass Production of Affordable Quality Cars.

HENRY FORD THE INVENTOR AND INNOVATOR who change the way manufacturing was done before and transform it into an efficient, cost-effective, and quality producing machinery that shaped the way things were done in the 20th century.

The farmer’s son who despises farm work, but went on to become the innovator that influences how to mass produce quality low-cost cars that is affordable to average and working-class Americans.

Development of the automobile industry also mirrors the vast improvement of the US economy

Henry Ford the son of immigrants, has also transformed the once rustic and idyllic farm lands of Dearborn and Detroit in Michigan – their adoptive country – into the hub and pioneering and largest car manufacturing town in the world.

While Henry Ford did not invent the automobile, nor did he even invent the assembly line he transform the way things were done in the assembly line.

the godfather 1 – 1972 godfather1-fsc34, Photo by: Everett Collection (godfather1-fsc34)

Godfather scene featuring the development of the automobile industry.

His guiding principle was: Be ready to revise any system, scrap any method, abandon any theory, if the success of the job requires it.

Bob Casey, retired curator of the Henry Ford museum for transportation once said that, he was once fascinated by the way Ford view work and work ethics.

He said, “He didn’t take a job because he knew how to do it, he took a job because he didn’t know how to do them, and they were opportunities to learn. “

And this has been practically how Ford approached his life and his worked. He continuously took on jobs that he has little or practically no knowledge at all and in the end improved its system or the way it is done striving for efficiency and quality.

He love to take risks. Try new ideas. Or take on other’s ideas and improved on it. He constantly strive for innovation and improvement on the way things are done that doesn’t meet his meticulous and desired results.

He is also a confirmed visionary. He sees things where ordinary man could not. He is the embodiment of what President John F. Kennedy said later in his inaugural speech as president. Kennedy said, “ some men sees things as they are, and ask why; I see things as they should be, and ask why not? “

Like most successful people, who have the talent to lead others, he inspires others, attracting the cream of the crop of efficient and effective workers. He also has the knack to convince people with money and power to believe in him, and back him with financial support.

Thus, while admittedly he is an innovative worker, having brought out new ideas how things should be done to achieved better results, he also got the support of financial institutions, to bankroll his projects.

The new ways and innovation he brought onto the car industry, succeeded not only in providing average Americans of affordable cars, but also revolutionize car manufacturing. For once he managed to introduce the unknown and unfamiliar horseless carriage to the masses. And he managed to sell more units of these horseless carriage, because they are affordable to many middle-income Americans.

Effects and Significance of Henry Ford’s Innovative Ways.

Due to the innovative means he approached in mass production, has influenced other factories to adopt his assembly line concept. Factories producing from foodstuffs to home appliances, to watches, to guns, and almost anything under the sun, were following his example.

His ideas in mass production also was adoptive by the US Army in producing vast quantities of war materials – from weapons to ammunitions, to tanks and airplanes, his assembly line mass production was utilized to improve efficiency and quality in production. Greatly affect the war effort resulting in winning the war during WW11.

Assembly line mass production also gave workers a higher wage package than before. Because of the vast quantities produce it brought down prices, and lower production costs. With the rapid expansion of factories and industries it has widened the number of middle class citizen, this also has a profound impact on the improvement of American economy making the US a major Super Power in the world. The heightened efficiency in the work force of major factories and manufactories in the US has helped spread the business across America, bringing more jobs, business opportunities and economic stability.

Henry Ford, along with other American business pioneer that shaped the US economy in its transition from an agricultural-based economy to industrial-based economy.

Henry Ford is a man of many talents, and interests, and has been credited of spearheading and pioneering various inventions and innovations, in the automobile manufacturing industry, helping the US economy towards becoming a super power in the world, and a lot of anything else.

But to most of average Americans growing up at the turn of the century Henry Ford is simply a farmer’s son who helped put America on wheels. Last July 30 was his 156th birth anniversary and we believed that this simple accolade would make Henry Ford proud of his contribution to the development of the automobile industry.

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