Learning to be Grateful and Appreciative of Life’s Blessings

There are times – lots of it – which we take for granted life’s little blessings.

Despite the difficulties, life is beautiful, if we just stop to smell the roses, and appreciate the little things and God’s blessings

 Waking up healthy and alive each morning. Watching the sunrise. Gazing at the sunset. Bathing in its glow and splendor. The fresh air we breathe.  The cool refreshing water that satisfy our thirst. Enjoying the breathtaking view of our mountains, and the trees that abound in it. The rejuvenating feeling of enjoying God’s creation. Feeling the breeze, luxuriating in the warmth of the sun.

Waking up, in the middle of the night, and watching the lovely person beside you, contentedly sleeping – feeling safe and secured by your presence and embrace – snoring softly, vulnerable and innocent.

The picture of the young, scared – vulnerable looking – naïve, insecure, doubtful young girl, but willing to commit. Putting her life and future entirely in your care. Reminding you of your younger days.

The fearful and unsure, yet hopeful young country girl whom you met at college, tearfully saying to you and looking at you with those big soft brown eyes – I am aware of your past reputation and history ( which she has proven by the accounts of your former conquests who were her friends and classmates ) – I’m trusting you completely, because despite your reputation or lack thereof, I still love you so much. And willing to risk everything. Losing her friends. Becoming one of your conquests. Your picture adorning his scrapbook – of course, in this modern day and age, she may end up as a personal file/document in your personal computer. Just one of those collection of unfortunate and naïve damsels who became a victim to your charm and conquests, enhancing your image as an accomplished and satisfied macho man. Providing excitement and joy to your colorful experience with the fair sex. A fitting character to my favorite country singer and icon, Willie Nelson song: To All the Girls I love before.

The country girl with the most expressive eyes you ever seen in your life. Who gambled. Dared and risk. Trusted. Go against her parents. Endured the taunting of her former friends and classmates, because of you.

And you were moved. And touched. You’ve changed. You believe it to be for the better. For keeps. Then after two kids, her figure changed. Her former long shapely legs and clear skin, was not what it was before. Her killer body that wears her shirt and jeans like body paint, and the right bulges in the right places, while still retaining their former sexiness and desirability was not the same when you first met. Although, if you were not just too blind to see, or too biased or swayed by stereotypes you would observed her changed has metamorphosed her into something more elegant and wonderful. The way women gained that inner beauty when they advanced in years and have become a complete woman by having your babies, making them more attractive, sophisticated and lovely.

Now, you’re sitting and looking at her sleeping peacefully beside you in your bed. You don’t why, but you suddenly feel contented, happy, and fortunate, couple with the feeling of guilt.

Because you can’t help it. You’re a sucker for beautiful and willing homewrecker. And now you’re afraid. You had a big problem that is waiting to explode like a lighted powder keg right off your face. After all these years you still haven’t learned.

Now you don’t know how to deal with it. This time you’re certain will be very different and more problematic. What started off as an innocent flirtation with the newly hired busty HR assistant manager, was just that. Then the two of you decided to go a step further. You think, what’s wrong with a few harmless tryst between two consisting adults, who knew right off from the start, that it is purely physical and lust. Nothing else. No commitment. An agreement between two consulting adults in helping each other satisfy and quench their overwhelming lust and strong physical needs.

Now, she’s pregnant. And her husband working as a shipping cruise manager is returning after two years absence, from his work traveling around the major cities of Europe and England.

And because of your strong religious conviction the normal, desperate and usual way out – the advice given by friends and officemates who is unconcern of the repercussion, and even recommended a few disgraced and licensed-revoked physicians to remedy your problem – is very not an option. Which to you is equivalent to a very heinous crime – which you are entirely correct.

The recommendation of the homewrecker is for the two of you to runaway together. Hide. Had the baby and go back to each of your spouses. You can do that? Yes, the homewrecker said. No problem. I’ve done it twice before. And each time your hubby took you back? You stupidly asked? Yeah. My husband can’t have babies, so I had babies from other men.

And now, you’re looking down at the girl who is the mother of your two kids. Thinking desperately, how in the hell, can I get away with it this time. You prayed: Lord please let me get away this time and I promise you I won’t do it again. I’ll even volunteer for church duty. And rejoin the choir as a singer-guitarist again. Which you left because you became involved with the college girl choir singer, the daughter of your wife’s friend. Which causes a major scandal. And almost wreck your marriage of 15 years.

You’re wife has forgiven you after so much soul-searching and sessions with your friendly-neighborhood parish priest from another parish, because the boyfriend and the father of the girl has undertaken a crash course from the military how to handle and fire any type of weapons, as well as learn how to make IED – Improvised Explosive Device.

Your wife ask you only one question: Do you love her? You said, NO! I love you. I was just misguided.  So now you’ve been given another chance. For a few months. You were a picture of the model husband and father. Then the busty assistant HR manager, came along.

And now, you realized only too late how most times we disregard doing the right things in life, take for granted the blessings bestowed on us, and stupidly searched for a way to ruin our lives and our family.

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