Reasons Why ReadersMagnet Is Not a Scam

If you have been on the internet for a long time, then you are probably familiar with the Nigerian Scam. For those who are clueless, the Nigerian Scam is one of the most infamous fraud schemes in history wherein scammers (who claim to be Nigerian officials or businesspersons) send emails to victims offering to transfer millions of dollars into their bank accounts in exchange for a good amount of fee. Quite suspicious, right? Unfortunately, many people became a victim of this swindle. Indeed, many fraud schemes have already burgeoned on the internet. For this reason, people have become more reproving. ReadersMagnet, for example, has been a subject of such reproof. Of course, we cannot blame people for being critical of startups like ReadersMagnet. As I have said, frauds have been all over the internet. In this article, however, I am not going to lambast the company. It is not my job to accuse. Rather, here, we are going to examine some of the reasons why ReadersMagnet is not a scam, and thus, worth the benefit of our doubt.

A Startup Company

ReadersMagnet is a self-publishing company established only in 2016 in San Diego, California. As a newcomer to the industry, ReadersMagnet started with limited services, offering only basic marketing services (i.e. Online Brand Publicity, SEO Blogging, Social Media Advertising, Book Review, Press Release Campaign, and so on) to authors during its initial months. A year after its inception, however, the company managed to expand its operations to include publishing.

Today, ReadersMagnet remains a legitimate company that provides self-publishing and book marketing services to authors across the United States. Its goal is no other than to help up-and-coming authors achieve their dreams in the literary world. Within months since it added publishing to its services, for example, ReadersMagnet was already able to publish four titles namely Bridges by Leatha Patton, D like DOLL E like EVIL by Omid Olfet, From Weeds to Wisdom by Deborah Ruth, and Heaven is Amazin by Carolyn T. Linn.

Of course, it is always easy to label startups as fraud. With less credentials compared to the established ones, startup companies like ReadersMagnet are easy prey for criticizing commentators. But with its growing achievements brought by tireless efforts, ReadersMagnet is gradually proving that it is more than just plain swindle.

Partnerships with Legitimate Institutions and Individuals

Since its outset, ReadersMagnet has been able to build partnerships with several reputable institutions in order to ensure better quality of its services. One of the earliest partnerships it has is with Publisher’s Weekly, an American weekly trade news magazine intended for publishers, booksellers, librarians, etc. Aside from this, the company also partners with the Combined Book Exhibit, a book promotion company participating in book shows, when it comes to its events (e.g. book fairs) such as the Frankfurt International Book Fair, the Beijing International Book Fair, and the Guadalajara Book Fair.

Other than institutions, ReadersMagnet also collaborates with credible personalities mostly from the media for one of its marketing services, i.e., radio book interview. These include veteran radio icon Ric Bratton and award-winning national broadcaster Kate Delaney.

Its partnerships with these legitimate institutions and individuals are convincing reasons why ReadersMagnet is not a scam. To begin with, no one of unquestionable repute will collaborate with a fraud. So if the accusations against the company were true, then these institutions or individuals would not have collaborated with ReadersMagnet in the first place. Otherwise, they are deliberately tarnishing their reputations.

Unbiased Customer Reviews

There is no better way to prove a company’s legitimacy than to look at its customer reviews. As part of its efforts to thwart baseless accusations from ruining the company’s reputation, ReadersMagnet has always been open for feedback on creditable review sites like Trustpilot and It has been active in responding to both positive and negative reviews as well, appreciating kind words from customers while remaining sound over criticisms.

The things mentioned above are only some of the reasons why it is necessary to spare ReadersMagnet from speculative criticisms since it is not, in any way, a scam. To be fair, ReadersMagnet had its share of mishaps brought by mismanagement. However, to label the company as fraud due to these mere setbacks is unfair. It invalidates the efforts the company has exerted in years in helping hundreds of aspiring authors achieve their goals. More so, it questions the trust these authors have put on ReadersMagnet.

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