Top Five Book Sub-genres for Leisure Reading

Reading is a great way to buy some time before doing the daily hustles of life. Indeed, reading is the favorite leisure of many people. Regardless of whether one reads novels or academic journals, the bottom-line is, it is always fun to read. Now, what makes reading even more fun are the different book genres and sub-genres that provide readers with a wide array of reading experience. Today, there are already more than a hundred book sub-genres available for the readers.

Essentially, sub-genres are the more specific categories of literature. They developed from the different types of book genres, which organize and distinguish one kind of book from another. For leisure reading, readers usually prefer genres and sub-genres that fall under the category of fiction. Fiction books generally amplify the creativity of readers, and, their narratives are more relatable.

If you are looking for a book sub-genre that will pique your interest in reading for fun, then this article is perfect for you. Enumerated below are five of the best book sub-genres you can choose to start your leisure reading.

Heroic Fantasy

Heroic fantasy is a sub-genre of fantasy that centers on the adventures of a mighty hero in imaginary places. Its events occur in a world wherein there is no technology, and magic is the only weapon of the battling characters. Oftentimes, its setting is a quite ideal and stereotypical, portraying all men as strong, all women as beautiful, all life adventurous, and all problems simple.

Oftentimes, the hero in this sub-genre is initially depicted as an underdog who comes from a humble beginning. He or she is placed in situations that force him or her to exert his or her utmost physical and spiritual strength to overcome the great challenge of the story. In this sub-genre, intricate plots and lineages are often found.

Psychological Horror

Psychological horror is a sub-genre that involves human fears, mental instability, and emotional insecurities. Its story centers on a troubled protagonist/antagonist whose mind is plagued by things that are often mistaken as supernatural. The main aim of this sub-genre is to create discomfort among readers by exposing the dark parts of the human psyche that many people repress.

The characters of this sub-genre usually question their own sanity or are doubtful of their own perception of reality, which gives an additional challenge to the readers who may feel confused about their understanding of the real story. To make its narratives more interesting, the psychological horror sub-genre often utilizes plot twists.

Historical Mystery

Historical mystery is a book sub-genre that focuses on a story set in a historical period (e.g. Ancient China or Elizabethan England). Its plot primarily involves the solution of a mystery or crime by a sharp detective. Like heroic fantasy, its plot and lineages are also often intricate. It always makes use of a combination of facts and fiction to weave a convincingly historical mystery.

Comedy Romance

Comedy romance is a sub-genre patronized in both films and books. It combines laughter and love to create a light atmosphere around its story. Its plot usually involves couples overcoming obstacles together with laughter and fun. It does not delve so much into the heavier human emotions such as melancholia and anger.

In a typical comedy romance book, two strangers who are perfect for each other find love in the most amusing, sometimes comical, situations. Sometimes, it also involves the story of a lost romance that has found its way back like a story of two childhood sweethearts coming back together after years of being apart.

Dystopian Science Fiction

A dystopian science fiction novel focuses on a story in which the world has become full of great sufferings and injustice. Its plot, then, centers on how the protagonist will liberate himself or herself from such a dystopian world. Stories in this sub-genre usually involve the exploration of the social, political, and technological evils that people fear may happen in the future such as overwhelming poverty, lack of freedom, and AI domination.

There are still hundreds of other book sub-genres you can choose. Generally, the number of these book sub-genres is ever increasing with the burgeoning of self-publishing services, the rising popularity of eBooks, and the peaking of human creativity. As more and more sub-genres sprout in the literary world, the reading experience of especially those who read for leisure becomes better than ever.

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