Stirring Science Fiction Novels Everyone Should Read

Literature is rich with books that highlight science, technology, and sometimes, the supernatural. These books belong to a particular literary genre called science fiction. With the continuous development of technology, science fiction has become more and more popular and in demand among literature fans and enthusiasts.

Similarly, an increasing number of authors are now drawn into writing books with science fiction undertones. These books, more or less, always talk about imaginative and futuristic concepts like parallel universes, extraterrestrial life, space exploration, dystopia and utopia, robot takeover, and more. With that being said, science fiction is a diverse genre containing a variety of riveting narratives. To help you determine what science fiction book to read in your free time, this article will talk about some of the greatest stirring science fiction novels everyone should read.

Daughters of Twilight (2013)

Daughters of Twilight is a part action drama and part science fiction novel written by Collette Jackson-Fink. It was published in 2013. Its story begins in the peaceful town of Waterloo, Iowa where a mysterious dark, hulking, and pyramid-shaped tower suddenly pushes its way up through a corn field after a 7-magnitude earthquake occurred. This strange ‘black tower’ (as it is called) placed the town into national spotlight. It brought confusion and disorder to the townspeople. For this reason, special tactical teams are sent inside the tower to probe and investigate. However, while on the mission, a special team member named Dane Coles is suddenly confronted by a trouble – he comes across an alluring creature who claims to have been sent down into oblivion from the Garden of Eden, and this creature is now apparently using the black tower as a portal to reach the surface. As the story progresses, readers will see how Coles, who has been trained for encounters with human but not with supernatural beings, will handle the bizarre creature. Overall, Daughters of Twilight is an intriguing and ingenious novel with a great touch of science fiction.

Lock In (2014)

Lock In is a thriller science fiction novel written by John Scalzi and published in 2014. It follows the quest of two FBI agents named Chris Shane and Leslie Vann as they try to solve what seems to be a Haden-related murder at the Watergate Hotel. A quarter of century earlier, a highly contagious virus spread across the globe. Most of the people who got affected experienced mild symptoms like flu, fever, and headaches. However, an unlucky one percent of the population with the disease experienced a lock in or what was called as ‘Haden’s syndrome’ – victims (called Hadens) became unable to move their bodies and respond to stimulus although they were fully awake and aware. Because the Haden’s syndrome began to affect more and more people, experts looked for a way for Hadens to be able to interact with the outside world. This concluded to the development of integrators, i.e., people who can let Hadens use their bodies. Several decades later, the technology became more complicated than expected. The murder mystery faced by Shane and Vann takes the duo to more than just solving a Haden-related murder. It enables them to see the current changes in the world of the locked in, and it surprises them with a new human culture. Overall, Lock In an engaging and bewildering book that makes readers think and wonder.

Seveneves (2015)

Seveneves a post-apocalyptic science fiction novel written by Neal Stephenson and published in 2015. Its story begins sometime in the future when an unknown force causes the moon to break into seven pieces. These seven pieces then starts to collide with another in an increasing number. As a large number of moon fragments enter the earth’s atmosphere due to collisions a white sky begins to form and blank the planet in a span of two years. This white sky is referred to as a ‘Hard Rain’ of bolides, which causes the atmosphere to extremely heat up and the oceans to boil away. In turn, all these events render the earth inhabitable for many years. As the earth descends into destruction, authorities decided to evacuate as many people and resources as possible to a ‘Cloud Ark’ in orbit in order to preserve the human race. However, due to the complexities and unpredictability of human nature, the Arkies (i.e., people sent to the Cloud Ark) face certain unforeseen challenges that lead to a wipeout wherein only seven survivors remain. Five thousand years later, Cloud Ark already has three billion humans living in it. This three billion people are divided into seven races, each representing the seven Arkies who survived the wipeout. Altogether, they embark on yet another daring journey towards the unknown –  an alien planet utterly transformed by catastrophes and time: Earth. Overall, Seveneves is a brilliant book that leaves readers dazed to the core.

Overall, there are many great science fiction books to read out there. If you are always looking for new things to put your mind into, reading science fiction is the recommended thing for you to do. The genre of science fiction never runs out of new imaginative and speculative ideas to talk about. Indeed, science fiction is a diverse genre that talk about the most necessary and relevant things of the present as well as even the future time.

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